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About Bhutan

General Information

Bhutan,also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon isn’t an ordinary place. This is the part of the World where Cigarettes are illegal,chillies are taken as dish and where the rice is red in colour.Bhutan is recognized as the one of the buddhist land of the world where most of the houses are painted by gaint protective penises,where men wear tunic to work and where Gross National Happiness is given more importance than that of Gross National Products.

Bhutan VISA Info

Entry visa with a Valid password are essential except for Indian and Bangladeshi National.Permission is given to the travellers who are members of a commercially organized tour group.Travel Agents are there to help organize a group or it can be done directly too.

People and Culture

A very much scattered clusters of inhabitants are settled in Bhutan, the first record was taken about 1,400 years ago. The high population of Bhutan is from Drukpa. In drukpa,there are three main ethnic group,the Ngalops,Sharchops and the Lhotsampas. Lhotsampas are  of Nepaelese origin. These three groups makes Drukpa population. The oldest residents of Bhutan are Sharchops. 

Bhutan Festivals

Bhutan is famous for its Tshechus, or festivals that are held annually on the date’s chosen by the lamas following the Buddhist lunar calendar. The festivals are celebrated on the tenth day of the lunar month, in the great honor of Guru Rinpoche, the Indian tantric who taught Buddhist Dharma to the Bhutanese from Tibet in the 8th century, because it the tenth day of lunar calendar that he is said to have performed his great deeds of teaching.