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Bhutan,also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon isn’t an ordinary place. This is the part of the World where Cigarettes are illegal,chillies are taken as dish and where the rice is red in colour.Bhutan is recognized as the one of the buddhist land of the world where most of the houses are painted by gaint protective penises,where men wear tunic to work and where Gross National Happiness is given more importance than that of Gross National Products. Bhutan is also well known for Tourism.Tourists have to pay minimum of US $200 per day,whick makes Bhutan one pf the world’s most expensive countries to visit,but this fees includes over all visiting, you can arrange your own itinerary and don’t have to travel in groups. But Bhutan lacks Backpacker- style independent travel which happens to be specially in Nepal.

There are early Buddhist sites in cultural heartland of Bumthang Dzongkhag also  including the undristibed traditional Tibetian-style culture which sets Bhutan as a great Himalayan Kingdom.There are outrageous trekking,textiles and stunning flora and fauna of Phobjika Valley included. Trashigang  is one of the places of Bhutan which is town useful for launching toward Eastern Bhutan

Bhutan is a country of too many surprises.Its not only a country of sanity,rather it has other worldy hermits.Bhutan is comparing and combining the ancient and modern world.Not only that,these days monk’s are found transcibing the buddhist texts into computers and the traditionally dreesed people chat in thier cell phones.

You will become one of the luckiest who have felt the charm and magic of  the most enigmatic country –the  ‘last Shangri La’,if you do visit Bhutan once.Also,you”ll be playing your part in bringing medieval kingdom into modern worldwhile maintaining its distinct and amazing cultural identity. U think why spending all your money to come here? Because most of all,Bhutan teaches you charm ans studying of another way of living,an alternative view of what is truely necessary and important in life.