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Our Tibet tour packages are suitable for budget travelers, group joining and private tours. Tour in Tibet, a visit to the roof of the world is one of the most celebrated holidays. You can travel Tibet either from Nepal or from China. Most of the people travel to Tibet from Kathmandu. You can visit Tibet by overland tour or direct flight to Tibet.

Tibet being extremely remote and isolated by the most formidable Himalayan ranges, a fascinating world of timeless splendor, unique tradition and breathtaking scenery awaits all travelers to the roof of the world.

Lhasa Tour

Lhasa tour packages provide you the great opportunity to visit the culturally rich mysterious city of Tibet. Lhasa city, the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region

Manasarovar Lake

Kailash Tour 2020

Mt Kailash tour is an incredible and challenging tour in western Tibet. The Mount Kailash is a holy mountain in Tibet standing on the basin of Lake Manasarovar. Mount Kailash and the Holy Lake Manasarovar is the two magnificent tourist destinations in the far western corner of Tibetan Plateau.

Tibet Overland Tour

Tibet Overland Tour falls under one of the most popular tours in Tibet.  The tour takes you up to 3,000 meter to 5,000 meter across the high and cold Gobi desert viewing some of the most picturesque scene of breathtaking mountains including Mt. Everest ( 8848 m)

Everest Base Camp Tour in Tibet

Everest Base Camp Tour in Tibet takes you to the Base Camp of Mount Everest from North face. Millions of people in the world dream to climb the highest peak .....

Tibet Group Joining Tour

Group joining Tibet tour packages are special holidays for Tibet in which anyone interested person can join in a fixed departure date with other members. Group joining Tibet tour packages offers budget travel options for solo travelers and opportunities to travel for individual tourist who are planning to visit the Himalayan land in a group.

One Day Lhasa Tour

Duration: 1 days

Bordering the world’s 10 highest peaks, Tibet is no doubt the roof of the world. Lhasa is the capital of city Tibet with more than history of 1,300 years. It is believed that Tibetan King Songtsan Ganpu in “Tobo Dynasty” transferred capital in Lhasa in 7th century. Lhasa is listed as one of first antique city by united nation.

Adventures in Tibet

You don’t have to look for adventure when you are in Tibet. Every day in Tibet will be thrilling and beautiful and adventurous. This is one of the most bizarre places in the world and hence one of the most popular destinations for the adventure seekers. Tibet can fulfill every adventure seekers and dare devils desire.  Not only the normal adventure seekers but also the pros and adventure sport personals can hone their skills on Trekking, Mountain climbing, Rafting etc.