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Adventures in Tibet

You don’t have to look for adventure when you are in Tibet. Every day in Tibet will be thrilling and beautiful and adventurous. This is one of the most bizarre places in the world and hence one of the most popular destinations for the adventure seekers. Tibet can fulfill every adventure seekers and dare devils desire.  Not only the normal adventure seekers but also the pros and adventure sport personals can hone their skills on Trekking, Mountain climbing, Rafting etc. The fun of multiplies exponentially when you come across stunningly beautiful Buddhist temples and monasteries at the top of mountains. This will make you forget fatigue in your body for a moment.

Tibet if almost full of hills that are at lease 3500m or taller; this place favors those who want to trek and climb. But that doesn’t mean you will be disappointed if you are a water sport lover. If you love the danger involved in rafting through narrow and fast rivers and stream this is probably the best place for you. Flowing in the white, fizzy and fast rivers towards Nepal and Indian hilly region will be a life time experience.  

Mountain biking will be another option for adventure sport seekers but that will be strenuous and physically demanding. You can hire a bike with any level of gears in Tibet but biking will not attract you unless you are ready to meet the challenges with your fitness and strength. In this difficult mountain there are lots of beautiful tracks are made for one especial purpose- biking. The Quinghai- Tibet highway route and the Sichuan- Tibet highway route are the best example of it. However this biking routes at the height of 3500-5000m (considered the most difficult biking course) generally winds up in Lhasa.

This is a place you ought to be if you are looking for some dangerous and thrilling rafting experience. The streams will whistle pass you through the deep gorges with water trying to throw you off board your raft and at times you will find yourself flowing gently in the calm wide river. This is an experience you will find in no other place than Tibet. The only place for white rafting in Tibet is Tsangpo River.

Yes, Tibet is full of adventure but you will have to make a good plan to make your sporty adventurous vacation in this mysterious place a success. The best time to be in Tibet is from the month of April to November.  It is strongly urged that you must get acquainted to the place before you start your adventure trip. This might take a little time so it’s best to put your 10 days of vacation period for sport and adventure besides the time you take to get acclimatized in the climate and altitude of this place. Getting altitude/mountain sickness in this altitude is pretty easy and if you do not do it right you might end up ruining your vacation. So take a mull over this factor and you will be heading towards a perfect sport vacation in ‘the roof of the world’.