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Arts and Crafts of Tibet

There are very few places on earth where its original art and craft can be traced to its very origin. Untouched and not influenced by the western styles and tradition the Tibetan art and craft are among the few that still original and native. This is a pure form of skill Tibetans have preserved over a long period of time and people of Tibet are proud of it.  It may be painting, music, crafts or even the cooking style and cosine. Everything has the original Tibetan essence and it own charm.

Painting is the most popular medium Tibetan peoples use to express their knowledge, skills and their way of living to the outer world. These painting reveal the Tibetan way of lifestyle and strong belief they have in Buddhism. And through these paintings they are able to convey the message they tend to convey. Most of the paintings in Tibet are Frescos (ceiling paintings), Cliff painting (way of expressing your thoughts while painting on the cliff wall), Thangka (Tibetan silk painting with embroidery) and wood prints. Most of the cliff painting you find in Tibet strongly resembles to the mid-Asian cliff painting which suggests that Tibetans must have been able to preserve this form of art from the historic era. Even the Frescoes in Tibet bear a resemblance to the ceiling art in the ancient Indian temples and monasteries. This, points out the facts that Hinduism and Buddhism aren’t too different. This will be a great stuff to research to any interested tourist visiting Tibet.

Like Thangka paintings Tibetan handicraft are also very attractive. Production of these handicrafts requires a great work and loads of concentration and a proud specialization. When you look at the minute details that a handicraft item you will not oppose me on this fact that Tibetans are accomplished craftsmen. For an example you can consider the knives you find in Tibet. Beautiful shape, shiny strong blade, carvings with attention given in the minutest details along with gorgeous decoration will urge to possess one of it. Of course you cannot carry a knife in the flight, but you can mail your knife to your home. So that when you get home after the vacation a elegant Tibetan gift awaits you home.

Another form of handicraft in Tibet is silver ornaments. Worn by almost every Tibetan citizen these ornaments are decorated with lots of precious stones which are believed to bring you good luck and health. I am sure you will not go home without one of these elegant items with you. Other items you might want to buy in Tibet are Tibetan carpets, masks and rugs.

Painting infrastructures hold a great value to Tibetan people. This is a place where people believe colors have something to say in their own language and they can communicate. At the very moment you enter Tibet you will be amazed by its elaborate use of colors on buildings, temples and monasteries. A very fine example of this is the astonishing Potala palace. The red and white colors used in this building represent power and peace respectively. Apart from the colors the structure of the building is unique itself.  

This is a place where everything is artistic. Be it the decoration of the temples and monasteries or very house that people live in and things they carry are artistic. If you intend to find some great piece of work then you must visit Barkhor Street. This is the biggest market in Tibet where you can grab most exceptional form of art, painting, handicrafts and architecture of Tibet.