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People of Tibet

The story of people in Tibet goes back to ancient times. The ancestors of present Tibetan people used to live in both sides of Tsangpo River and earned their living from cultivation of barley, wheat and peas. Home to numerous communities like Menpa, Chinese, Sherpa, Han, Dengs and Loupa, Tibet is also home for some nomadic groups who keep moving from one place to other herding yaks and sheep. With only about 1.68 peoples per square Km Tibet’s population is fairly thin. Tibet has developed rapidly fast and many modern cities are built today. Along with this development more and more Tibetan people are moving towards the big cities for better education and job opportunities.

Nowhere else on earth you can find such firm belief and optimism in their religion. Majority of Tibetan people follow Buddhism and it wouldn’t be an over statement if someone says they are the ultimate followers of Buddhism. You will get really touched and influenced when you see how much people are optimistic and proud of their religion. Since nearly one third of the total population is monk Tibet clearly has the largest number of monks in the world. Apart from Buddhism there are people who follow Islam and Catholicism but this population is concentrated in cities like Lhasa and Yanjing. The main language spoken in Tibet is the Tibetan language with variety of accent and pronunciation that differs from region to region

Majority of Tibetan people are still in to agriculture as the main occupation but these stats in declining year after year. Lately more and more people are getting educated and moving towards to cities in search of better life and different jobs like production business, factories and government posts.

Now there is one very special thing about Tibet that is seen nowhere else. And this might be the main reason that makes Tibetan lifestyle so special. People seem so happy in whatever they have. No matter where they live, what they wear, where do they work or whatever the personal belongings they posses. They are satisfied and happy. They will cherish everyone’s heart when they visit Tibet. Each community has their own custom and tradition. They even have own different traditional clothing for each of the community. One can easily identify which from which community does a Tibetan come from simply by looking at his/her dress.

One thing a tourist learns in Tibet is how to be happy. Bet yourself and throw a slight smile at a passing Tibetan and will get a big happy grin back. This is the way they treat their guest. In fact this is the way they treat to their own life. Even a few days in Tibet with these wonderful people teaches you to learn simple courtesies and way to acclimatize moral values in your life. Tibetan people seem like a whole new breed of humans who have learned to live happy with whatever they’ve got.