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Popular Cities in Tibet

Tibet is a place with many old and ancient cities. Some of these cities use to be some of the greatest cities in their time and they still hold a great value in unique ways. These cities are still living and they provide a great plat form to the lovers of old and antique. In many ways Tibet is a perfect place to visit with its cities that are stunningly beautiful and so old that you can learn art of preservation of aged buildings and old ways of living and art. Major cities of Tibet are:

Lhasa City

Before 7th century the capital city of Lhasa was Yarlung city. But that was before the King Songtsen Transferred his capital from Yarlung to the "holy city" Lhasa.  There is a myth how this city had its name Lhasa.

Lokhla City

Once used to be the capital city of Tibet and used to be called Yarlung, Lokhla City is one of the oldest cities in Tibet. Located at the height of 3600m above the sea level, Lokhla city covers 80000sq km area. Home to the earliest monasteries in Tibet, Lokha city is considered as the source of Tibetan culture and history. Full of small lakes and river tributaries Lokhla city is one of the most beautiful city in Tibet.

Nagqu City

Nested in the northern part of Tibet, Nagqy city is located at the altitude of 4500m above the sea level and covers an area of 40, 000 sq Km. centre of trade and export of various products like animal products, mineral ores, and many other agricultural products, Nagqu has established itself as one of the most politically and economically influential places in Tibet.

Ngari City

Situated in the western side of the Tibet Autonomous Region, at the height of 4500m above the sea level, Ngari city is very often referred as the roof of the world. Though the Ngari city covers the largest area of Tibet it has the least population count than any other city in Tibet. The city is barren like the surface of the moon but that what its beauty is. The city at the very height of the world is full of mystery and totally unexplainable.

Nyingchi City

Situated in the southern side of Tibet Autonomous Region, Nyingchi city is one of the most beautiful cities in Tibet. Well blessed with magical panorama, Nyingchi city lives up to its name. Nyingchi in Tibetan language means ‘The Grand Throne of Sun’.  Standing at the height of 3000 m above the sea level, Nyingchi city has a nice and normal climate without any sudden rise and drop in temperature, which makes the city more pleasant

Qmado City

Qamdo city is located in the far eastern side of Tibetan Autonomous Region at the height of 3240 m above the sea level. Surrounded by the Hengduan mountain Range and filled with many rivers flowing through it, many lakes in its face, Qamdo City is considered the most advanced city in Tibet and is a heaven for Naturalist. Heart of Tibetan industrial environment, Qamdo city is full of different Enterprises and business travelers from all around the world.

Xigatse City

Located about 300 Km away from Lhasa Xigatse City is the second largest city in Tibet. The word Xigatse means ‘fertile land’. Situated at the height of 3500 m above the sea level Xigatse city receives the largest number of tourist and adventurers every year in Tibet. This is probably because where the city is located and what it offers to its visitors. History of the grand city dates back 600 years back.

Zhangmu City

2300 m above the sea level and sharing border with Nepal, Zhangmu city is very famous for being near the mighty Mt. Everest. Very popular among the tourist and adventurers for above mentioned reason, this city also happens to be the most used town on the line of Nepal-China border and thus the most important spot for trading between Nepal and Tibet/ China.